Some Changes to my online shop

I’ve decided it makes much more sense to have redbubble be the main source to handle all of my online merchandising needs, as such, I’ve decided to link my online shop to my redbubble page. You can still purchase original art directly from me, but for anything like stickers, t-shirts, etc. you’ll be redirected to my shop on You can get awesome artwork on a variety of products of your choice! I’ll continue to update my page & add more art, so keep checking back there!


Well, Kidsfest is done. Considering how stressful it was getting everything together, I’m finally breathing a sigh of relief! And to my surprise, in terms of sales, we actually did fairly well (better than I expected anyways).

I’ve finally started working on getting the online shop functional. As always, a bit of a learning curve, but it’s coming along, so keep checking back, & if you decide you’re interested in what I’m offering, well then……