Still working on getting this site together. Just a matter of time and motivation.

Mainly focusing on the gallery section right now. Just getting enough older works I think are decent enough to show & creating enough of a repertoire of new ones.

New Website

Hello all. As you can see I’ve just gone live with my new ‘official’ website. It’s a work in progress and I’m basically figuring out as I go, so please bear with me.

For a while I’ve debated the point of a new website, since I’m more or less active on several sites which I also have my art posted. In the end though, I decided to go for it, as I intend to make this a centralized hub for posting all of my better works going forward as well as a marketplace for selling any merchandise I’m able to produce, or accepting any commissions. Basically I’m trying to consolidate here!

Whether this will be even marginally worthwhile remains to be seen. But if nothing else, I’ll consider it a great learning experience…So without further ado